“FUGITIVE produce classy, rounded Melodic Rock that is as home-grown and British as fish and chips, bulldogs and the Royal Family (okay scratch that last one on a technicality…)”.
Steven Reid – Fireworks Magazine.

Brand new album – The Awakening – now available to pre-order

Fugitive Melodic Rock Band UK

FUGITIVE are: (left to right):
Michael Angel (vocals/guitar)
Al Catraz (drums)
Ranko ‘Chip’ Veltro (lead guitar)
David Steele (bass/vocals)

With a collective age of over 200, Fugitive are a melodic hard rock band from Liverpool, UK and proof-positive that you are never too old to rock hard and never give up on your dreams.

Michael and Ranko are longtime musical partners and have produced 2 studio albums under the name of FUGITIVE. But in 2017 the band undertook a line-up change, with bassist, David Steele, and drummer Al Catraz joining the pair to form what feels like a whole new band.

Having cut their teeth on the UK biker gig scene, this line-up knuckled down to write and record their forthcoming album, The Awakening, set for release on Fri 5th April 2019.

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Dokken, Autograph, Night Ranger


Formed: Sometime during the Jurassic period
Re-born: 2017

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